About Miriam Spinner

Hi, I am Miriam. You can call me Mimi too. I help professionals get the right job.

I failed at English and Social Science when I was in high school, so it was no surprise that I graduated college with a degree in Engineering. My interests were in making business processes more efficient, and working at the auto plant as one of three female engineers seemed like a perfect fit. Until it wasn’t. Let’s just say it was an experience that drove me to do my first career pivot to the financial industry. I leveraged my Six Sigma background to convert broken processes into a smooth and slick experience. It became part of my DNA – taking the non-value steps out, and inserting it with technology and tools.

My aha moment was after experiencing the job process on both ends. I was the interviewee and the interviewer. This process sucked. Hiring managers had:

My 30 year career as corporate leader taught me to tap into my talent. So I mapped the process, identified new ways of connecting with humans, and tested it myself using LinkedIn. It helped me to think different. I knew it worked since I received a job offer from establishing a relationship with a stranger on LinkedIn. Oh, and she was an awesome human and boss. I quit my corporate job and dove right into my final pivot, career coaching. I secured my coaching certification from the gold standard International Coaching Federation.

Who I Help

I partner with professionals and executives to co-discover what is next for them in their job trajectory, navigate through the obstacles, and land job roles that align with who they are. If you want to change industries, shift your career, or build your leadership skills, I help you get there faster.

I can help you if…..

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